Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center “Art for Health Fundraiser”


These two 10″ x 10″ encaustic on canvas paintings were created for the SCHHC “Art for Health Fundraiser” event to be held November 6, 2016.  They are of the same jetty rock with different wave action surrounding it.  I have a favorite place on Bandon’s south jetty where I can stand and look down and see the action as the waves come in and crash against the rocks.  The first one is titled “Watery Rock” and captures the wave flowing smoothly over the rock before crashing against the jetty.  In the second, “Yellow Rock,” the big wave has not quite yet hit.  The sun painted the rocks yellow and reached through the water to the rocks below.

For a chance to own one of these paintings, just buy a ticket and attend the fundraiser:

Watery Wings


12″ x 12″   sold


This is another in my series of 12″x12″ jetty water paintings with “North Jetty Surge” North_Jetty_Splash   sold

and “Jetty Rocks.”

Jetty_Rocks   sold


In “Watery Wings” the water is darker and the wave action more intricate as the froth separates into wing like shapes.  The encaustic is great for painting the transparent depth of the water as well as the frothy swirls.