Sand Patterns


24″ x 18″

A minus tide in the early morning as the mists are just clearing makes for one of the best beach walks. Interesting sand patterns were created as the ocean withdrew during an extreme low tide. This made for an encaustic challenge of painting, scraping and layering translucent wax to try to capture what the ocean had done so well.


Tide Pool Collage


6″ x 6″   sold

Colored tissue paper and bits of encaustic stained paper towels were embedded in encaustic medium to build texture and give details to this tide pool scene.

Cathedral Glow


12″ x 12″   sold

Sunsets are amazing in Bandon, Oregon, with the light and ocean waves flowing around the distinctive rock formations. The clouds shape the painting’s composition and colors. Encaustic is a great medium for capturing the glow of light in the atmosphere and water.