Agate Water Wave 2

16″ x 12″

The colors in this encaustic are inspired by my Oregon beach agate hunting. Sometimes the agates seem to contain little fiery seas.

The froth on the wave made its own flow pattern when the wax was heated with a hot air gun. This is one of those happy accidents which make encaustic painting such a wonderful medium.

“Agate Water Wave” was originally completed in April of 2019 after a trip to New Zealand where the water was clear and the sand was golden yellow. The purple wave was added 4/23 for an improved composition.

Table Rock Beach

12″ x 12″

Table Rock is such a large rectangular shape that it is difficult to compose an interesting painting with it. Here, though, the lacey wave cut through the blocky composition to soften the picture.

Blue Waves

12″ x 12″

On a blue day, the waves rise to crash through the rocks and roll on to the beach. The white encaustic paint flows perfectly over the transparent blue encaustic to portray the ocean surf.

Winged Cat Cave

20″ x 16″

The misty light obscures the ocean and halos the cave edges, transforming the outer rocks into a guardian winged cat. I used oil pastels in this painting to help portray the bizzare rock textures of these Oregon coastal rocks.

Inlet Splash

12″ x 12″

The waves splash against the rocks before flowing through the inlet between Elephant Rock and Coquille Point. Bandon’s huge rocks are amazing, as are the the places in between.

Inlet Wave

20″ x 16″

The waves angle as they rush against the rocky inlet, rising to form one last wave before spreading across the sand. Encaustic media works well in capturing the contrast between the transparent water and the dark wet rocks.