Wizard and Friend


12″ x 12″

The late afternoon sunlight lit up the waves as they passed by Bandon’s Wizard’s Hat and its big companion rock. I love catching the ocean swells before they break and turn to froth.

Watery Pastels 2


Watery Pastels 2, 20″ x 16″

This view is from the cliffs at Coquille Point in Bandon, Oregon, looking down at the beach rocks as the tide comes in to submerge them. The elevated view flattens the waves somewhat and paints the ocean in pastel colors reflected from the layers of mist and clouds.

This encaustic was originally painted in March of 2018.  I recently reworked it and took a better photo of it.  Below is the previous version.


Watery Pastels, 20″ x 16″

High Surf


12″ x 12″

The fall and winter storms at sea cause high surf and crashing waves against the huge rocks on the Oregon coast. This view is at Coquille Point where the waves crash around, between and sometimes even over the monolithic rock formations. For me this is perfect encaustic subject matter.

Beach Girl


20″ x 16″  Beach Girl, encaustic on encausticbord

I first painted this “Little Beach Girl” in 2013 in watercolor. I wanted to do it again in encaustics to better capture the wet reflections and sparkle of a tiny girl walking on the wet sand as the tide pulls out. As in the first painting, the shadows and reflections allude to what is outside of the picture frame. They both have the dark shadow of one of the monolithic rocks at Bandon, Oregon.


13″ x 10″  Little Beach Girl, watercolor on Yupo paper

Green and Lavender Sea


12″ x 12″

The ocean is often colored in greens and lavenders from the coastal light filtering through the mists. I love painting with those colors and the gray blues they make when mixed together.

This encaustic on stretched canvas is created for the Southern Coos Hospital Art for Health fundraiser, “Healing Power of Art” to be held November 3, 2019.

Spotlight on Golden Pond


20″ x 16″

Encaustic collage was used for this pond scene to give hard lines for the sticks and grasses in the painting.  The embedded paper, dried sea grass and dried flowers gave some real dimension to the feeling of looking down through the water.

Tidal Cove


12″ x 12″

The Coquille Point rock formations soften the tides as they spill around the rocks to form ever changing ripply pools. With this painting, in addition to layering and scraping, a heat pen was used to capture the reflective water patterns.

Three Waves


12″ x 12″   sold

I am endlessly fascinated by the repeating waves against the rocks as well as the froth patterns on the beach. Here a light coastal mist adds softness to the scene.

Big Wave 3


24″ x 18″

This is the third of my Big Wave triptych done in lavenders and greens. They are designed to fit side by side to show variations in a long rolling wave. The movement of water is fascinating, especially the rapid shape changes of an ocean wave rolling in to the beach.  The following shows how the three encaustic paintings flow together in the triptych.

Big Wave 123

72″ x 18″  Big Wave 1, 2 and 3